What are the Benefits of a Shiatsu Massage in Hollywood, FL? Relaxing, Healing & More

Originating in Japan, Shiatsu massages rely solely on the use of finger pressure to certain points on the body as well as doing stretches, rocking movements, and joint rotations to re-energize the body. Instead of just focusing on one area, this form of massage is about the body as a whole.  The body’s ability to heal itself is increased with Shiatsu massage.   Today, we at Massage Miami Beach would like to discuss the basics of Shiatsu massage and relate a few benefits.  

What is the Purpose of a Shiatsu Massage?

In order to heal and correct the body, Shiatsu is a form of massage where the massage therapist targets many parts of the body using their palms, fingers, and thumbs.  Shiatsu massage can treat illness and pain and it is a form of relaxation and stress relief.  Jjoint problems, sinusitis, sciatica, arthritis, acute and chronic neck, back pains, and bronchitis are just a few ailments that are treatable with Shiatsu massage.  In order to heal them by creating energy flow and correcting all the disharmonies in the body, this technique involves pressure being applied to points on the body overall.  From 45 minutes to an hour is usually how long Shiatsu massage sessions last.   You can control the pressure by telling the therapist accordingly as well.  

How Effective is Shiatsu Massage?

With all the healing it provides, Shiatsu massage is very beneficial.  Some other benefits of Shiatsu massage include helping with insomnia, poor posture, morning sickness, headache relieve, digestive problems, coughs and colds, sprain injuries, and improving circulation in addition to re-energizing the body and helping those overcome fatigue and weakness.  It is still very relaxing even if you do not have any issues. 

How is Shiatsu Different from Other Massage?

Though it uses techniques from other methods, Shiatsu massage is a special form of massage therapy.  All having similar techniques as Shiatsu massage includes methods such as lymphatic drainage, osteopathy, and physiotherapy.  Shiatsu massage contains helping aids with physical and mental health conditions, diseases, and prevention of energy flow throughout the body is what differentiates them from these other methods.  By affecting the internal energy system, Shiatsu massage works to improve overall health.  An increased range of motion and improved coordination is often the result of this therapy.  Shiatsu massage combines assisted-stretching techniques and acupressure to restore muscle and bone structure and used as either a primary or complementary therapy.                

Who Uses Shiatsu Massage?

According to an annual survey commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association more than 39 million Americans received a massage in the last year.  Often as their doctor recommended, they get massage therapy as more than half, 53% in fact, who discussed massage with their healthcare providers.  While increasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Shiatsu massage is among the types, or modalities, of massage therapy to choose from.

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