What Does a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage Include & What are the Benefits in Miami, FL?

No matter what massage modality you use, there are therapeutic healing powers that you can tap into. While there are numerous health benefits that come with massage therapy, there are ways to enjoy even more health benefits. One of those ways is with aromatherapy massage. There are several different oils that can be used in conjunction with massage and provide a number of different health benefits. Massage Miami Beach is here to talk about some of these oils and the health benefits that can come from using them in aromatherapy massage.

Different Oils Used in Massage

There are many different oils that are used in massage. They have many health benefits when they are used properly by a licensed massage therapist. Here are some of the most common essential oils that are often used in massage:

  • Lavender: Many people use lavender scent to fill their home with a delightful smell. However, when it’s used in massage, this scent can be used to lower anxiety levels and help clients find their ultimate relaxation. It can have a tremendous calming effect on the body when used right.
  • Chamomile: The chamomile flower resembles a daisy and chamomile oil is extracted from the leaves. When you ingest this oil, you can experience digestive help and lower inflammatory levels. When it’s used in massage, it can be used to enhance sleep and improve insomnia.
  • Eucalyptus: This is another oil that is often digested in tea, but is also used in massage. It can help with cold symptoms like congestion, headaches and coughs.
  • Peppermint: The first thing you think about when you think of peppermint is more than likely something you eat. It is used to flavor gums, candies and other foods. However, it can be used in massage for hosts of benefits including improved blood flow and pain relief. For instance, when it is applied to the temples during massage, it can help improve migraines and severe headaches.
  • Lemongrass: When lemongrass oil is used in massage therapy, it can help give your immune system the boost that it needs as we get ready to move into the winter months. Not only does it boost the immune system, but it also can improve your overall mood.
  • Rosemary: Many people are looking for ways to stop the aging process and the chronic illnesses that come with aging. Rosemary has been proven to reduce oxidative stress which can lead to many different conditions like heart issues, cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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If you are looking or ways to improve your overall health and well-being, massage coupled with essential oils might be the answer you’re looking for. No matter what massage modality you are looking for, you can turn to Massage Miami Beach to deliver the relaxing experience you’re looking for. You will leave your massage feeling completely rejuvenated. Call us today!

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