What Does a Reflexology Massage Session Involve & How Does it Work in Pompano Beach, FL

Have you heard about reflexology massages? A reflexology massage is a specialized massage therapy that involves applying pressure to the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology massages are based on the concept that the body’s major systems are all connected to certain areas of the hands, feet and ears. Many people say the practice of reflexology massage and those who get reflexology massages claim that this type of massage therapy provides a wide range of health benefits and improves recovery after an injury. Massage Miami Beach will share what reflexology massages are all about and how they can help improve recovery and your overall health.

How Does a Reflexology Massage Work?

Many people carry a bit of skepticism about reflexology massages. After all, how does your feet improve the health of your organs? This is understandable. However, there are studies that show there IS something to reflexology. Before we get into the studies, know that the origins of reflexology massage comes from China. Reflexology massages are based on the Chinese belief in Qi (pronounced chee), which is a person’s vital energy. The Chinese believe that when a person’s Qi is blocked, they will express stress, anxiety, and even health problems. The purpose behind the reflexology massage is to unblock a person’s Qi, allowing them to recover, and reduce stress and anxiety. Along with the Chinese understanding of how reflexology helps a person, a British scientist found that the nerves connect to the skin and internal organs. Not only are the nerves interconnected with both the skin and organs, but also the nerves connecting to the organs are centrally located in the hands, feet and the ears. Additionally, the nerves also react to touch, which is in line with the Chinese deep understanding of the body. Reflexology indeed helps calm the central nervous system which in turn promotes relaxation.           

What are Reflexology Massages Good For?

A number of benefits have been linked to reflexology massages. When you get a reflexology massage you will immediately feel less stressful and less anxious. After a reflexology massage you will notice less pain. You will be in a better mood and feel generally better. This is true for also any massage you get. However, with regular reflexology massages there are some lasting affects you may not be aware of. Studies have indicated that routine reflexology massage can help a person:

  • Boost Their Immune System
  • Recover Much Quicker from Cold and Bacterial Infections
  • Fight Cancer
  • Reduce Allergies and Clear Up Sinus
  • Recover From Injuries and Back Problems
  • Correct Hormonal Imbalances and Boost Fertility
  • Improve Digestion
  • Reduce Pain from Arthritis
  • Improve Nerve Problems and Numbness

Is a Reflexology Massage Safe?

Some people ask if reflexology massages are safe. They are like any other massage and are completely safe. Not only are they safe, but a reflexology massage can help improve your health especially if you are recovering from an illness or injury. However, as pressure is applied to the hands, feet and or ears, you may not want to schedule a reflexology massage if you have an injury on your hands or feet. The massage therapist will not be able to apply pressure to a recent injury such as a wound. Additionally, if you are pregnant be sure to tell the massage therapist as a reflexology massage can induce labor. The massage therapist can avoid certain pressure points to ensure they do not induce labor.

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