What Lube is Best for Massage in Lauderdale Lakes, FL? Oil, Gel, Cream or Lotion?

Basic equipment needed to start a massage business include massage table sheetsmassage tablesbolsters, and lubricants. Massage therapists invest in quality products.   For almost every product, we have a wide selection of brands and styles.  Because lubricants significantly affect the outcome of the massage experience, top-quality massage equipment is best coupled with ample stocks of lubricants such as oilgelcream, and lotion.  Today, we at Massage Miami Beach would like to discuss the differences between the various lubricants commonly used in massage services.

Difference Between Massage Oil & Lotion

To name a few, people get a massage to relieve stress and anxiety, accelerate muscle recovery, blood circulation improvement, enhance immunity, and increase mobility.  Getting the maximum benefits of massage requires the lubricant suitable for the client’s needs will make them satisfied.  Below are the general differences between oil, cream and lotion for massage.

Lotion.  Among other lubricants, lotions are the quickest to absorb into the skin. Making them perfect for deeper tissue massage, they have the shortest glide because of that.  In order to apply more pressure to the area being massaged, they allow better grip needed.  Lotions help for better muscle tension release as a result.  Because of frequent reapplication, they may not always be used with some massage techniques.  Because they are often hypoallergenic and can offer a little more viscosity than oil, lotion is a good option for therapists. It can be good for working trigger points and with myofascial work while still allowing for a good amount of glide as it gives a little more drag to the massage.

Oil.  The most commonly used lubricants by massage therapists are oils.  Compared to other lubricants, they have slicker consistency.  Oils provide more of a glide than grip because of that.  For both the massage therapist’s hands and the client’s skin, oils can give a comfortable and warm feeling.  Additionally, oils are slow to absorb to the skin.  However, some oils not only feel greasy, but they have the tendency to stain clothing, towels, and sheets. Since the fluid nature of oil makes the process a little easier, a therapist it will produce very little drag when the therapist’s hands are applied, which is great for relaxation massages where long fluid strokes are used.  It creates a calming and relaxing impact since it would not require the therapist to remove their hands very often.  The therapist is able to keep their hands on the client for a longer time and maintain a connection.  Because they do not feel the therapist constantly moving away, this they do not feel the therapist constantly moving away.

Cream. Giving a better grip that allows working on deeper tissues, creams feel thicker than oils.  They absorb to the skin but not as quickly as lotions.  Fortunately, they are less likely to stain clothes, towels, and sheets because of their consistency. For one area at a time, such as for muscle soreness relief, creams are most suitable for massaging. Of all the lubricants commonly used to perform massages, cream has the highest viscosity.  When performing massages that focus mainly on trigger point work, myofascial work or work with friction like with sports massages, the greatest amount of drag on the tissues which is great when performing massages that focus mainly on trigger point work. It is rare for therapists to use this product in that way, as the cream also tends to be the most expensive out of all the lubricants used in general.  Though therapists will tend to use it only for very specific circumstances given its tacky consistency and price, cream is great for deep work and friction work.

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