What Makes a Sports Massage Different in Glenvar Heights, FL?

If you are an athlete, do intensive exercising, or you have a labor intense job, you need sport massages.  A sport massage isn’t like other massages nor is the name used just to attract the athletic community. A sport massage is a specialized massage therapy that is designed to relax stressed, tightened muscles as well as aid in the recovery of muscles. Massage Miami Beach would like to put the spot light on sport massages and share what sets this type of massage style apart from the others.

What is a Sport Massage?

A sport massage uses a variety of movements and techniques to help recover tightened and stressed muscles. However, sport massages also help the athlete’s body improve its performance and reduce the possibility of injuries. A sport massage is tailored to the individual as each sport or activity will use different muscle groups. The muscles that undergo the most stress will tighten and swell, so it is important to loosen the tightened muscles and encourage blood flow through the body and sore muscles. By maintaining loose and relaxed muscles, you will be less likely to injure yourself.  A sport massage is a combination of different types of massage styles to create the perfect massage for athletes. Some of the styles of massage and techniques that help create sport massages are:     

  • Swedish
  • Trigger Point
  • Compression
  • Effleurage
  • Petrissage
  • Friction
  • Tapotement
  • Vibration
  • Gliding
  • Percussion
  • Stretching

Benefits of a Sport Massage

Learning about the purpose and techniques used during a sport massage, you will find that some of the benefits may be obvious. However, there are many benefits of a sport massage that are not just for athletes. Sport massages can also help with carpal tunnel and even arthritis. Sport massages are designed to improve the patients joint range of motion and flexibility. Sport massages decrease muscle tension, neurological exceptionally, and muscle spasms. Sport massages can also reduce chances of injury and improve recovery time. Massage therapy is well known to improve blood flow and relax the body and mind. With a sport massage you will feel more rested and get a better night’s sleep. When you play sports or if you demand a lot out of your body, what happens is that there is lactic acid buildup which causes muscle soreness and takes a long time for the muscles to recover. Many people will use cold baths with sport massages to help the body recover faster and avoid several days of soreness.

How Often Should You Get a Sport Massage

Many athletes will often at least have a day or two of complete rest. Rest is key when developing and improving endurance and physical performance. During the rest period is the best time to schedule a sport massage. You will want to allow the body time to recover to fully get the benefits of a sport massage. You do not need to overdo a massage. Usually once a week is plenty or even once every two weeks. In some cases a doctor may prescribe how often you should get a sport massage as part of your body’s recovery and or therapy.

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