Why Do I Feel More Sore After a Massage in Kendall West, FL & What is the Best Thing to Do After?

Promoting relaxation and improving problem areas that can cause pain and discomfort, massage therapy offers a plethora of benefits.  Some can feel a bit sore afterwards, though the majority of massage-goers feel a great deal of relief following a massage.  Today, we at Massage Miami Beach would like to address why some may experience soreness and tips to help you get through the soreness.

Post Massage Soreness

Soreness following a massage does not equate to its effectiveness.  A common myth is that you need to feel sore to know the massage did its work. This is untrue, and a variety of factors, like the amount of pressure the RMT applies and the type of massage you receive will indicate if you feel any soreness following a massage. Typically, when you receive a deep tissue massage, post massage soreness is more common.  An RMT stretches out muscles to release any knots, tightness, and pain that may exist during treatment.  Depending on the severity of pain you had going into the massage, it may cause a bit of discomfort afterwards. Because your muscles are not used to some of the therapeutic techniques the RMT uses, you may be prone to some soreness afterward if you do not receive consistent massages.   The tightness, pain, or strain within their muscles dissipate over time is noticed by those who receive massages consistently. Massage involves working out your muscles, similarly, to exercising.  It can possibly result in microscopic tears if you receive a type of massage that involves a deep amount of pressure into your muscles to help treat the pain or tightness.  When there is any type of tightness, the muscles become very rigid.   It undergoes a type of healing process when a massage manipulates the muscle. It can help explain why some massage-goers experience soreness afterward while muscle tearing is not a guarantee for those who receive a massage.

What is the Best Thing to Do After a Massage?

You should immediately bring it up to your therapist at any point you notice an immense amount of pain during your massage. Massage is not meant to cause you more pain.  Also, if your muscles hurt beyond a generalized soreness, you should also communicate this with your massage therapist.   Below are a few tips to help combat soreness following a massage.

                1) Keep Hydrated.  Staying hydrated is always a good idea, no matter if you experience some soreness after a massage or not. To help keep things like electrolyte levels in balance so that your muscles function at an optimal level, water helps to energize your muscles. Also, for those who are dehydrated, there is less of this fluid to help protect the joints as water also helps keep joints lubricated, and the synovial fluid surrounding your joints is what keeps joints moving smoothly.  Staying hydrated after your muscles have been stretched out from a massage can be extremely helpful.

                2) Mild Stretching. To help with any soreness that may occur keep the area(s) that you received a massage moving. gently stretching can help keep blood flowing throughout those areas and help keep muscles loose with special attention to the areas that were deeply massaged. To let your muscles should have a chance to relax and heal from the treatment you received avoid any strenuous activity following a massage. 

                3) Hot Soak.  If you have a hot tub or a normal bathtub, soak your muscles and can help keep your body relaxed. To help prevent and/or manage any soreness that may occur after a massage, add some Epsom salts to the bath can also help keep inflammation down and increase circulation. 

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Additional tips can include using cold compresses, get good rest, and schedule your next massage. Consistent massage treatments helps bring out the most improvement in your body. For your massage treatment, call Massage Miami Beach today!

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