How Do I Know if I Need Lymphatic Drainage in Hialeah Gardens, FL?

For those who have swelling in their body due to a medical treatment or have an illness that causes your lymphatic system to be blocked, you need a Lymphatic Drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massages, or also called manual lymphatic drainage, is a specialized massage that helps lymph vessels move by working the lymph vessels. To better know if you need a lymphatic drainage massage, Massage Miami Beach will share more about this type of massage service. 

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

A lymphatic drainage massages is a massage that is designed to locate lymph vessels and drain the lymph vessels. When draining the lymph vessels it will help relieve the pain due to the swelling. When lymph vessels swell, this condition is known as Lymphedema. Lymphedema is a very common problem for those who are recovering from breast cancer surgery. Lymphedema happens when the tissue retains fluid after the cardiovascular system sends blood through the organs and tissues. The remaining fluid is called lymph, normally the lymphatic system will collect the lymph and return the fluid to the heart through the lymph vessels and lymph nodes. When the returning process has been disrupted, the arms and legs will swell. A Lymphatic drainage massage is a massage technique that helps move the lymph through the body, thereby reducing the swelling.

How Does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work?

A number of studies have shown that lymphatic drainage massages can help reduce swelling in the arms and legs. Lymphatic drainage massages use a two-step method to help get the lymphatic system moving. The first step is “clearing” which helps to release the lymphatic fluid from the tissues. The second step is “reabsorption” which moves the lymphatic fluid to the lymph node to give the lymphatic system a jump start.

What Conditions Do Lymphatic Drainage Massages Help?

A lymphatic drainage massage can help relieve Lymphedema following breast cancer surgery. However,  there are other conditions that lymphatic drainage massages can help with.  Some of the common medical conditions that lymphatic drainage massages have been known to help reduce swelling and pain are:

            Rheumatoid Arthritis – Those with ongoing arthritis in the joints will experience joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

            Fibromyalgia – This is a condition that causes chronic joint and muscle pain.

            Chronic Venous Insufficiency – This is a condition when the veins in the legs are not functioning properly. The blood from the legs cannot return back to the heart efficiently.

            Lipedema – This is a condition where there is excessive fat that accumulates in the lower body. The fat can block the lymphatic system from flowing properly. 

For those with these symptoms or conditions, a lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce pain by getting the lymphatic system flowing and the blood circulating. However, this is not a replacement for Lymphedema. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and treatment. A lymphatic drainage massage is a great supplement to your current Lymphedema treatment and care.

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