What Can I Expect from a Relaxing Chair Massage in Ives Estates, FL?

Each business or company has a different office environment. Most office days offer the same work load day in and day out. However, sometimes the work environment can get bit more busy or its time to break up the mundane work days. When it’s time to treat you and your office to a bit of relaxation, have you ever considered hosting a corporate chair massage event? A corporate chair massage may be the perfect thing to give yourself and your employees. If it is time to pamper you and your staff, Massage Miami Beach will share what you can expect from a corporate chair massage event.

How Do You Prepare for a Chair Massage?

Before hosting or attending a corporate chair massage event, often everyone asks when they should go get their massage. There are two ways that corporate chair massage events are run, either scheduled or unscheduled. Some events are on a first come first served basis, while other corporate chair massage events will schedule each person to ensure everyone gets there massage. When getting a massage it helps if the patient isn’t wearing anything too bulky. Dress shirts or t-shirts is ideal for a corporate chair massage. When scheduling a chair massage for your office, consider making an announcement about the event and tell them to wear loose and light weight shirts. No one will need to have their shirt or clothes off for a chair massage. Bottoms as well as shoes will also remain on unless a patient requests a foot massage.

What Happens During a Chair Massage

When getting a chair massage, know that they can last between five to thirty minutes. It will depend on how many people are receiving massages and how long the massage therapists were booked for. It is recommended that every person get 30 minutes a session to get a quality massage. When receiving a massage, usually no lotions or oils are used as the massages are applied on top of the clothing. A chair massage focuses on shoulders, neck, and back. However, the arms, legs, hands and feet can be incorporated if requested.

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Chair Massage?         

A chair massage is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees. After a long work period  a chair massage is just what is needed. A chair massage can help recharge the office staff and reduce stress and anxiety. The entire mood of the office can improve after a chair massage. Working in an office or in any work environment will lead to headaches, back and neck pain. A corporate chair massage can help reduce pain and get rid of headaches. There are many benefits of a chair massage for an office or business. You only need to see the results for yourself.

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When you want to host a corporate chair massage event for your business and are not sure where to start, contact Massage Miami Beach. We provide corporate chair massage services and will be happy to service you and your employees. Corporate chair massages aren’t just for the office. It’s also a great way to show your customers or clients a bit of gratitude as well. For corporate chair massage services, contact Massage Miami Beach today!

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