Massage Myths & Facts in Coral Gables, FL; Do Massages Only Target Muscles, Last Long & More

 As in any subject, there are many myths surrounding massage therapy.  To promote wellness, increase a range of motion, relieve tension, and more, massage therapy is a practice of the manipulating the skin, tendons, muscles, and ligaments.  Today, we at Massage Miami Beach would like to clear up a handful of the massage therapy related myths.

Are there Different Types of Massages? 

Massages differ from one technique to the next.  To achieve an array of different goals, there are many types of massage.  For example, to keep muscles and joints strong, the sports massage may focus more on more physical therapy goals. The focus is more on relaxation and stress relief with spa massages.  After overuse or injury, a trigger point massage will focus on loosening tight muscles fibers that have formed. There are countless other examples of how various types of massages targets specific needs.

Do the Benefits of a Massage Last Long?

To allow muscles retain muscle memory that will reduce pain and stress long term, massage can help.  It can promote a healthy lifestyle as regular massages can help to relieve chronic pain and stiffness. 

Can Massage Remove Cellulite?

Though the though is nice, massages do not eliminate cellulite.  Where massage can help your muscles recover from that exercising, the cellulite can be reduced by exercising.

Does a Massage Only Target Muscles?

Massages has many benefits and contributes to many parts of the body.  Massage therapy can loosen tightened areas, alleviate swollen joints, relieve discomfort, including migraines, improve flexibility, and prevent future back and neck problems.

Can You Get a Massage While Pregnant?

Women that are pregnant can actually benefit more than other with massage.  Pregnant women can really use a good massage because they have extra strain on their back.  Before you get going and communicate any discomfort you may be having before or during the massage session, you should inform your massage therapist of your pregnancy. 

Should a Massage Hurt?

An effective massage does not have to be painful. It is perfectly normal to not feel sore, though it is possible that you may feel sore the day after a massage. You may not feel any pain during a massage, and that is okay if you do not have tight muscles.  Massage therapy is beneficial to your body without being painful.

Is a Massage Only a Luxury?

Pampering is not their only purpose, though massages can be very relaxing and a great way to treat yourself.  Increasing flexibility, reducing stiffness, relieving tension and headaches, and more are the benefits anyone can take advantage of. 

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We hope this dispels some reservations and false claims you have heard about massage to help you feel more comfortable with taking advantage of the benefits you find while getting massage therapy services.   If you are looking for massage therapy in Miami, FL and surrounding areas, consider scheduling an appointment with the experts of Massage Miami Beach and let our skilled and experienced therapists provide you with a quality experience!

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