Massage Therapy Myths & Truths in Lauderhill, FL; Not All Massages are the Same & More

There are many misconception or myths about massages. What some claim about massage therapy may be accurate and in others, they are way off. To help you better understand the purposes of massage therapy, it is time to set the record straight. Massage Miami Beach would like to share some of the common myths about massages and debunk them to finally set the record straight about this amazing and healing service.

Are All Massages the Same?

It is often said if you have had one type of massage, then you have had them all. This is not true. There are many different forms of massage, and each has its own origins, purposes, and technique. Additionally, each massage practice will use different tools or equipment. Often a massage company or provider will have multiple massage forms to choose from. Each varies in technique and outcome. For example, a Lymphatic Drainage massage targets the lymph nodes or the lymphatic system that can store fluid in certain areas of the body. The stored fluid often results in swelling and pain. A lymphatic massage is focused on draining out the fluid and encourages blood flow and healing. Whereas a Swedish massage is more gentle in nature and helps to relax the body, as well as improve the body and mind. Understanding how each massage style or form is different is important for the patient. Sometimes a person needs a certain type of massage to improve the body and health.

Does a Massage Remove Toxin in the Body?

The has been a rumor spread over the years that massages will remove built up toxins in the body. Whereas the body does build up and store toxins, usually due to poor diet and physical stress, a massage will not remove the toxins. In order to remove the toxins in your body you will need to drink a lot of water and focus on eating food with antioxidants. What massage therapy can do is help the removal of fluid and improve blood circulation. Improving the blood circulation and removing fluid accumulation can aid in the removal of toxins, but massages are not able to remove the toxins alone. Combining diet, exercises, and massage is a great way to remove toxins and improve your body’s overall health.

Will I Be in Pain After a Massage?

So many people will say they are sore after a massage and even promote how normal feeling soreness is. However, it would depend on the type of massage you receive and your body’s current condition. Where some people will be sore after a massage, most massages do not leave the patient feeling sore. Deep tissue massage or sport massages do apply firm pressure and some massages will help stretch out the muscles, these types of massages may leave a person feeling sore. Each person’s body will react to a massage differently. However, there are many forms of massage therapy that help make the body feel better and not leave them feeling sore. This is one of the reasons it is important to know about the different massage styles and what they do. If you have deep knots that need to be removed, expect to feel sore. If you are looking to pamper yourself and relax, get a Swedish massage and feel great without the soreness.

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There are many myths about massages, hopefully we were able to set certain myths straight. For quality massage services, contact Massage Miami Beach today.

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