What Can I Expect from Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Brickell, FL?

More and more people are finding that there are a host of health benefits that come when you balance the fluids between your blood and your tissues in your body. This is exactly what a lymphatic drainage massage does. This is a newfound treasure in the health and fitness world that comes with many different health benefits that can improve your quality of life. Massage Miami Beach is here to talk about a lymphatic drainage massage and what you can expect when you have one.

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage is one of the best ways to flush out the body’s sewage system or your lymphatic system. This will not only feel wondering and relaxing, but it will also leave you feeling better than ever because of the many health benefits you will enjoy. Here is what you can expect from al lymphatic drainage massage.

  • You will have a boosted immune system.
  • You will see improvements to your digestive system, and your body will more easily absorb fat nutrients.
  • It can be a helpful tool in body contouring.
  • If you struggle with muscle pains, this massage can target those areas for quicker recovery.
  • For those that struggle with weight loss, this can be a helpful way to help you along that journey.
  • You will look less puffy and bloated.

How to Prepare for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Before you go to your appointment, you will need to drink plenty of water. You will see the best results when your body has ample hydration. You should also arrive with an empty stomach to get the best results possible. This helps to completely drain your system.

What to Expect During a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Some massage therapists will use their hands to do a lymphatic drainage massage, while others will do it using a machine. You can plan on your appointment lasting about 60-90 minutes from start to finish. You will undress just like you would with a traditional massage, but the massage therapist will be focusing on areas where lymph nodes are located. This includes the torso, as well as your legs, hips and face. These areas are more likely to retain water.

How Do You Feel After a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Almost immediately after your massage is over, you will more than like need to use the restroom. You should expect to urinate a lot in the next several hours after your massage is over. It is important that you continue to stay hydrated after your appointment ends too.

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If you haven’t ever had the chance to have a lymphatic drainage massage, you should call on the professionals at Massage Miami Beach to open your eyes to this new and relaxing massage. You will surely enjoy the many benefits that are going to be coming your way. Call us today!

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