Benefits of Massage Therapy in Hialeah, FL; Relieve Pain, Anxiety & More

Most people enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with the lights dimmed, candles lit in the background and the essence of piercing scents in warm air, with soothing music playing, all the while skilled hands massaging the stress away.  The purpose of massages is not just for relaxation, however.  In addition to relaxation, massage has medical and healing benefits too. Relieving pain, reducing stress, preventing and curing illnesses as well as promoting the release of built-up toxins in your body that can lead to a number of health problems are benefits of different methods of massage.  The benefits of massage therapy are something we at Massage Miami-Beach would like to share today.               

Help Overcome Depression, Anxiety, & Fatigue

In addition to reducing stress, massage therapy can help eliminate depression and improve fatigue.   Muscle tension is a common development for those suffering from depression.  That tension and pain can be very painful to live with on a daily basis and studies have found that active and chronic pain can trigger the presence of depression. 

Can You Massage Arthritis Pain Away?

Ease your arthritis pain with a massage that involves applying light pressure to your joints with the tiny pressure receptors under your skin could help.  Since it increases blood flow to your joints and boost your circulation throughout your body, massage helps could help increase your mobility and flexibility.  

A Massage Can Relieve Back Pain

When the Canadian Medical Association Journal looked at different solutions for chronic lower back pain, the researchers found that massage was the most effective treatment for reducing back pain.

Massage is Good for Diabetics

Helping to restore proper use of insulin, and lowering inflammation, massage therapy has been recommended for diabetes for over 100 years.  

Massage for Chronic Pain

People with chronic pain often turn to massage therapy to help naturally improve their quality of life.  With massage, your serotonin levels increase, which naturally decreases pain.  In around 35% all people who receive massages, less pain is associated with soreness, stiffness, injuries and chronic health conditions.  Muscles and stiff joints are effectively relaxed with massages. Also, known to be reduced through massage are fibromyalgia symptoms.   A chronic syndrome is generalized pain, joint rigidity, sleep alterations, intense fatigue, headache and muscle spasms are characterized by fibromyalgia.  A study by the University of Miami School of Medicine, people with fibromyalgia feel more relaxed and helped with tender point pain and decreased their levels of substance was found to be helped with massages.  

Improve Posture with Massage

Poor posture can occur from the tension in the neck and back can stem from sitting in front of a computer all day or standing on your feet enduring hour of manual labor.  Massages help the body to reinforce healthy and natural movements. Your muscles can relax and loosen and allow your body to position itself in a natural pain-free posture through the massage. In addition to helping that suffer from insomnia, massages are also known to relieve headaches, contributes to lowering high blood pressure, improve blood circulation, better flexibility, athletic performance is enhanced, and ADHD is improved. 

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