What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Good for in Miami Gardens, FL?

Have you developed major swelling from a medical treatment, illness or injury? That swelling can be causing pain and discomfort until the swelling goes down or is alleviated. You do not need any crazy medication with horrible side effects to get rid of the swelling and pain. You can begin to feel better through a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. A lymphatic drainage massage is a natural and healthy way to reduce swelling and the stress of your body’s lymphatic systems. If you do not know what lymphatic drainage massage is, Massage Miami Beach will share what lymphatic drainage massage is and how it can help you begin to feel better.

How Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Done?

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as a manual lymphatic drainage, is a specialize massage therapy that helps to relieve swelling that may be the result of a recent medical treatment, an illness, or injury. A lymphatic drainage massage involves manipulating specific areas of the body, primarily the legs and arms to help move the lymph to an area with working lymph vessels. By aiding the movement of the body’s lymph to areas where the lymph vessels are still working, it will help to improve recovery and reduce the swelling.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema happens when the tissue retains fluid. This fluid is left behind after the cardiovascular system has sent blood to the tissue and organs. Lymphedema is very common for those that have had a recent breast cancer related surgery. The fluid that was left behind is known as lymph. Normally the lymph is naturally collected by the lymphatic system and returns the fluid back to the heart. The lymph travels back to the heart using the lymph vessel and lymph node. When the fluid fails to travel back to the heart, you will get swelling or Lymphedema.

How Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a two-step process. The first step is “clearing,” which releases the lymphatic fluid that is in your tissue. The second step is “reabsorption” which moves the lymphatic fluid to your body’s working lymph node and lymph vessels. When some is affected by Lymphedema it may take multiple sessions to completely relive the swelling. It depends on each person’s body and how well their lymphatic system is working. Those that often have a slower working lymphatic system are those aged sixty or older.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Good For?

Lymphatic drainage massage can be beneficial for other conditions. Those that suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lipedema, and Chronic venous insufficiency often find that a lymphatic drainage message helps promote blood circulation and aids their lymphatic system. Symptoms relating to these health conditions can be reduced will lymphatic drainage massages.

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For those who are suffering from a case of Lymphedema, you may not feel like going to a massage therapist. The drive there can be very discomforting and you may need someone to drive you. That is okay. Massage Miami Beach will come to you. Our specialized massage therapists can come right to your home. They will bring with them all of the equipment and other materials necessary to provide you will a quality massage therapy session. To schedule our services, contact Massage Miami Beach today!

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