What is the Difference Between a Medical Massage & Regular Massage in Country Club, FL?

When you feel like your body isn’t moving or functioning like it used to, you may be in need of a medical massage. The main focus of a medical massage versus your everyday massage, is that a medical massage is looking to address underlying health problems. Massages aren’t just to relieve stress or to feel good, massage therapy can also help improve injuries and your body’s health. Massage Miami Beach would like to when a person just might need medical massage therapy.

What Does a Medical Massage Consist Of?

When you live with pain in your body, whether it is in your neck, back, arms or legs, living with that pain is never easy. When you are injured playing a sport or are in an accident, often that can leave a person with regular pain. A medical massage therapist helps to locate the source of the pain and see if it can be worked out. Medical massage therapy isn’t a “one and done” kind of treatment. It can take a number of sessions to help address the problem. Medial massage therapy will vary greatly, depending on the person’s age, gender, and of course, their medical needs. Medical massage therapy isn’t just a massage. It also involves therapeutic procedures that focus on releasing tension in the muscles, tissues and the ligaments. To achieve the therapy’s goals, you may need to dedicate 30 to 60 minutes per therapy secession and sometimes, multiple times a week.

What is the Difference Between a Spa & Medical Massage?

Most people assume that getting a massage at the spa isn’t much different than receiving a medical massage. Where there are a number of different types of medical massages, such as deep tissue, sports, trigger points, and lymphatic drainage massages that you can also get at most spas, the purpose behind the massage is the defining difference. The first step in a medical massage is to locate and target the needs of the body. The site of your pain and injury will become the focus of the therapy. Along with the site of the injury, the supporting muscles and ligaments will also receive some attention as they will also become stressed due to the injury. A plan will be formulated. Along with the focus areas on the body, a medical massage will also determine how often the body will need a therapy session. When going to a spa massage therapist, they will not consider your medical needs and consider nothing more than a single time session. They will not put any focus on the medical needs and may not have the needed training to properly work on injured sites. A spa massage therapist is given training on general massage techniques and not on treating medical conditions. If a person requires medical massage therapy, it is important to use a trained medical massage therapist for those who have the need for the healing benefits of a medical massage. 

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Medical messages can treat a number of medical problems from injury related stress, headaches, migraines, tissue damage, whiplash, and help heal sprains and other strains. For those who need medical massage therapy, contact Massage Miami Beach and let’s create a medical massage plan treatment for you today.     

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