Why Massage is Recommended for Kids in Sunrise, FL; Safe Treatments & More

Many children struggle with many aspects of life from stress to ADHD to not sleeping well. Massage therapy can greatly benefit your child by helping them improve and grow with a better mindset. Massage therapy may not be very well known for children. Massage Miami Beach will talk about the benefits that come with massage therapy for children.

Massage Encourages Development & Growth

Massage therapy has been used for years on premature infants. But did you know that massage therapy can also help aid in the development of older children as well?  This type of touch can help them feel acceptance and safety while also helping them to develop and improve the child’s senses.

Massage Decreases Stress & Anxiety

Children can have a lot of pressure on them which causes a lot of stress and anxiety with friends and school work. When a child gets a massage, it can help their body to release dopamine and decrease cortisol. With this happening, they can feel less stress and anxiety during their daily life activities.

Massage Helps Manage ADHD

A very common disorder among children is ADHD. ADHD leaves parents trying to figure out the best solution to help their child. Massage therapy can be a great natural solution to help manage your child’s ADHD. It has been shown that massage therapy can help improve mood, decrease fidgeting, and improve focus.

Massage Improves Sleep

When your child doesn’t get enough sleep, it can be hard for them to concentrate on school and their activities. Having massage therapy can help give your child that relaxing feeling and more of a sense of peace and calmness, which helps increase their sleeping ability. When your child gets a good amount of sleep, they then have more energy and can concentrate more at school and their activities.

Massage Therapy is Different for Children

When performing massage therapy on a child, it is very different than it is for an adult.

– The massage therapist will always ask permission before touching the child. If the child is not ready or gets tense they will stop.

-It will not be a long session like it is for an adult but usually is about 15 to 20 minutes.

-The child will be fully clothed and they will go over techniques that you can work on at home.

-The massage therapist will talk to the parent about what the child needs most

– They try to find a massage therapist who is the same gender as a child to make them more comfortable.

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Children are great candidates for massage therapy. Whatever the reason or situation your child is in, getting massage therapy can greatly benefit your child from their ADHD to calming down and getting a good night’s sleep. If you are looking for a massage therapist for your child then give Massage Miami Beach a call and we will have our experts help your child.

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